Treatment Philosophy

Evolution of our platform

Our centralized model was organically developed through experience and pattern recognition. Our initial experience in behavioral health substance abuse treatment shed light on the abysmal lack of coordination in patient care outside our immediate office. Acting in the best interest of our patients, we merged our established behavioral health platform for general psychiatry and substance abuse with comprehensive primary care. As patients suffering from substance abuse often neglect their general mental and bodily health, we offer collaborating and co-located physicians that will address such issues while remaining cognizant of the effects of substance abuse. In working with Medicaid, our model was pushed to expand this collaborative model towards non-substance abuse patients needing access to comprehensive mental health and primary care. The success of the integrated care platform at Square Medical Group and in the industry as a whole continues to demonstrate that team-based health care solutions are superior to stand-alone specialties.

Integrated Outcomes

A patient usually enters our outpatient platform by seeking one of the three patient care specialties (primary care, psychopharmacology or psychotherapy) in his or her immediate geographic area. During the initial visit, the respective medical or behavioral health provider will assess what other needs the patient might have. For example, if the primary care physician notices that during the medical physical exam that the patient suffers from untreated depression, the patient coordinator will give priority access to the psychiatrist or therapist co-located in the office. The patient’s medical chart will travel with him or her through each provider so that they may view cross-specialty findings and lab results.

By assessing our internal trends, we have empirically found that patients will seek preventative care within the confines of our office much more frequently than not due to the increased comfort level and ease of access of our other specialties/services. This saves time for the patient, collaborating physicians, insurance companies and pharmacies.

Substance Abuse Program

We treat substance abuse just as any other diagnosis and integrate these patients into the general patient pool. As we call it, “waiting room anonymity” of diagnosis for substance abuse patients is important to their comfort level for long-term care. Our patients specifically seek us out for help in managing their long-term medical and mental health needs during and beyond addiction recovery. Treating addiction is a long-term process and cannot be solved by a one-time trip to a detox facility – it takes months or sometimes years of steady healing through mental health coaching and management as well as staying physically healthy.

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