Alternative Medicine

Square Medical Group also offers alternatives to traditional medical services. We hope that as patients seek a more integrated and holistic approach to their health care, they will find benefit in using alternative medical treatment in tangent or in some cases instead of traditional medicine. Our providers will always work in coordination to help navigate the many different options.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) has traditionally included psychotherapy and medication.  These are sound options with proven results for many people.   However, for those with resistant MDD these options may not be enough, and Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation may be the answer.

For more detailed information, visit our TMS specific website

What is Deep TMS?   TMS has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment option and has been approved by the FDA.  The procedure is performed in the office and no sedation is required – you are awake and alert during the treatment sessions.  A helmet, sized specifically for your head, is worn to deliver magnetic stimulation to the left prefrontal cortex of your brain (similar to the magnetic process used for an MRI).  The stimulation activates nerve cells in the brain that relieves symptoms of depression.


How does the treatment work?  Deep TMS treatment demonstrates the best outcomes when sessions are daily (5X week) for a period of 4 weeks.  Each treatment session lasts 20-30 minutes.  The patient sits in a chair wearing the helmet and ear plugs while targeted magnetic impulses are sent to the brain.  The magnetic fields turn on and off very rapidly, creating a loud clicking sound.  The treatment is not painful and does not have the side effects associated with many medications.  Some adverse events occurred in less than 5% of patients which included application site discomfort and headaches, but these dissipated as treatment progressed.


How do I know if I am a candidate for Deep TMS?  If you have been diagnosed with depression, talk with your doctor about Deep TMS, it could be the solution you have been waiting for.  (If you have a history of seizures and/or electronic or metal devices implanted in your body, you are not a candidate for this treatment).


How do I find out more?  Deep TMS will be offered in the Square Medical Watertown location beginning May, 2016.  Please call our dedicated telephone line 617-564-8056 or email us at


Medicinal Marijuana (Cannabis) Evaluation

A new service offering from Square Medical Group as of November 2015 at both Watertown and Weymouth locations. We are offering medical marijuana evaluation services to existing and non-current patients. Although this is currently a non-covered insurance service we believe it is an important option for patients seeking alternative treatment methods. Tracking the positive care outcomes Medicinal Cannabis has afforded enough evidence for our organization to safely offer this service. This is a discrete service offered to qualified patients and will be integrated into the general integrated care platform at Square Medical Group.


As an added benefit to seeking an evaluation with us, the patient can be guaranteed that our other internal medicine and behavioral health providers can help identify and structure a medical marijuana treatment plan that does not inhibit treatment of other diagnoses such as substance abuse and/or other behavioral health/medical issues.


Please read below our current program design and frequently asked questions.


What conditions are appropriate for Medical Marijuana in the State of Massachusetts?

What is the payment policy for Medical Marijuana Evaluations?

Payment policy specifics

Cancellation/Missed Appointment Policy

Missed Appointments – because of the high demand and complicated nature of these visits, patients will be required to pay a missed or cancelled appointment fee (if within 48 hours of the appointment time).


Missed Appointment/Cancellation Fee

$150 - For initial and re-certification evaluations

$95 – for follow-up appointments


Insurance Reimbursement Policy

Some insurance plans will cover all or part of these visits based on out-of-network benefits. Please ask the front office for a copy of the clinical evaluation summary as proof to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.


What should I bring for my first appointment?

Please bring your medical record history that specifically covers your afflicted condition that you will be seeking medical marijuana treatment for. If you need our office to submit a medical records request form with your current physician please stop by our office and fill out this form. Also make sure you bring your payment as services will not administered without prior payment.


How does the evaluation process work?

A qualified clinician will meet with you to evaluate your condition. In some instances additional medical records will be required to properly access the nature of the condition.

If the evaluation shows clinical benefit from Medical Marijuana the clinician will issue you a certified recommendation which will allow you to be submit for a medical marijuana card with the Massachussetts Department of Public Health. Certifications are valid for 1 year at which point the patient will need to obtain a re-certification from either Square Medical Group or another participating provider.

If your evaluation shows no indication for medical marijuana our clinician will outline the deficiency for qualification and share other medical resources available to you either at Square Medical Group or in the medical community.


Does Square Medical Group provide Medical Marijuana to patients?

No, we do not provide medical marijuana nor are we affiliated or plan to be affiliated with a medical marijuana dispensary. We are providing this service in a discrete manner to patients that may significantly benefit from this alternative approach where traditional medicine has failed to meet their medical care goals.

Certified Patients who have a Certification and a Massachusetts Registration Card may obtain their medicine from a Registered Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Please refer to State law for further details and to see if you qualify for the Hardship Cultivation Program.


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