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Telehealth Services

Square Medical Group recognizes that it can be hard to fit appointments into your daily life. Leaving home when you are managing mental health symptoms, or even just finding time to commute regularly to an in-person appointment can be difficult. We believe that mental health and addiction services should be easy and accessible, which is why we offer most of our services online.

Telehealth is a form of video conferencing allowing psychiatrists and therapists to provide services to patients outside of the office, for example at the patient’s home or workplace. It also provides the opportunity for consultation with family members, and other providers involved in the patient’s care. Surveyed patients participating in telemedicine say they are very satisfied with the care they are receiving and that they feel telemedicine is a reliable form of practice. In addition, they find that they are able to keep their appointments on a more regular basis.
Square Medical Group offers most* services via Telehealth including the following:
  1. Initial Assessments and Evaluations
  2. Medication Management
  3. Medication-Assisted Treatment
  4. Individual and Group Therapy
  5. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
Telehealth services are offered via Zoom for Healthcare or telephonically** For more information on how to schedule a new appointment for remote telehealth services, please call us at 617-916-5069

*Neuropsych Testing, TMS, injectable medications and laboratory tests require in-person visits.

**Excludes Group Therapy and IOP

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