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Welcome to Square Medical Group - Watertown Location

Square Medical Group provides a new approach to comprehensive out-patient care. We offer integrated primary care and behavioral health, all in one convenient location. Started in 2007 as Square Psychiatry, we have expanded to include primary care and women’s health and have changed our name to become Square Medical Group.

Our philosophy is to treat each patient with a tailored approach, unique to his or her specific situation. Our practitioners work in collaboration with each other to coordinate care and treatment plans.

As one of the only group practices with in-house primary care doctorspsychiatrists, and therapists, we offer superior care all in one location.

If you become one of our patients, you will be able to enjoy benefits that include multiple specialists and priority appointments for current patients. Come and see why people are choosing us as their health care providers in the Metro West area.

For our long-time patients:
Background Question: What happened to the original “Square Psychiatry” name?
Answer: We do more than Psychiatry/Behavioral health now so we wanted our name to be more inclusive of our services


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