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Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead should I call to make an appointment?

Please call at least 1 week prior to your follow-up time so that we have adequate time to place you with your provider.


Prescription Re-fills

Our medical assistants re-fill prescriptions – please follow the phone prompts to request a re-fill and allow at least 48 hours for our staff to complete your request.


Appointment Reminder Text-Messages

Please do not reply to these text message. They are sent as courtesy.


Contacting us by email

For general patient inquiries or if you are unable to contact us via phone please send us an email at
For corporate inquiries please use

If you would like to become a Patient or are coming back after an extended time

  1. To make an appointment?
    • Call us at (781) 812-1643 and one of our intake receptionists will set you up with an initial appointment. If you are leaving a voicemail please leave your name, call back number and what service you are calling about.
  2. What should I bring for my first appointment?
    • Bring your most current Insurance Card
    • Bring means to pay for your co-payment by either cash, credit card of check. (We accept Amex/Visa/Mastercard)

If you are transferring from Square Medical Group in Watertown

Don’t worry about anything, we share the same medical record software and already have all your information.

What if I need a doctor after-hours?

  1. Call the general office number and you will be transferred to our emergency hour’s operator who will contact the on-call clinician.
  2. If you are experiencing an emergency please go immediately to your nearest emergency room.

Where Can I park?

Park behind the building and come upstairs to the second floor using the entrance at the back of the building. Stairs will be to your right.


Where is the office reception?

The main waiting room is located on 2nd floor at the end of the hall. If you are coming for behavioral health services you can also check in at the second waiting room located on the 2nd floor immediately to the right of the main stairs.


Can I smoke near the building?

We encourage our patients to not smoke but if you must there is a designated smoking area in the near corner of the back parking lot.


Are pets allowed in the office?

Only service animals are allowed. For the comfort and safety of all patients please refrain from brining your animals into the practice.


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